K-essence creates an atmosphere comparable to the one present in Nick Cave, Peter Murphy, Mark Lanegan and early Bowie, yet reaches for uncompromising rock standing astride melancholic-psychadelic indie and gloomy gothic.” The artist calls his music rubble rock. The man behind K-essence is Bartosz Księżyk, singer-songwriter and producer, formerly the frontman of the indie-rock act NeLL.

K-essence debut album Prince of Pawns was released in 2014 on Requiem Records. The project was entirely crowdfunded on Megatotal.pl. A video for the single Prince of Pawns was awarded BEST MUSIC VIDEO at the Filmmaker’s Day 2014. The record received very good reviews praising “[…]versatility” and “[…]capacity for writing stylish songs in the classical spirit.”

In October 2015 K-essence gave a memorable performance at Soundedit Festival premiering their new album We Prefer the Night. The LP, which features the acclaimed string quartet Altra Volta, was released on Alchera Visions. An innovative, interactive video for Dangerous Man was been aired on MTV Germany and VIVA, and the album gained great reviews from both German (Westzeit, OxFanzine, Polyprisma) Polish press (Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, Gazeta Wyborcza, FuckYouHipsters), including praises from foreign press in Poland.

We Prefer the Night reached German radio stations, becoming Die Album der Woche on Radio Hertz 87.9; the single Dangerous Man was featured on Negative White as the song of the week.

In 2018, K-essence releases This Party Isn’t Over video, shot in California and Arizona.

2019, a new single “Bengal Tiger” is released by Kayax’s sublabel My Name Is New. The controversial video questions the boundaries of an artist’s stage and private personas, their crossing over and interrelation, as well the role of an artist in a western society. The video was directed by Aleksander Kozłowski, K-essence’s long-time collaborator.